Prince Life Celebration and Tribute-Memphis
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Prince Life Celebration and Tribute-Memphis

Presented by - #Savemusic4kids Campaign/ Appleseeds, Inc.
Join us in paying Tribute to a Prince 
   -   July 8th 2016-Memphis          

 #Savemusic4kids Campaign

Music is the voice of the Soul!

Tami Gipson-ICU Communications

Chief Executive Officer

The mission of the #Savemusic4kids Campaign is to provide community based financial assistance to aid in local school music program initiatives. The funds will be given as a grant, per school, on a need basis. The focus will be on schools where many of the kids are at-risk. To directly assist music teachers or students who require financial assistance to execute programs and assist in acquiring instruments.

Our goal is to keep music education a vigorous force in our schools and an outlet for many low income children. To provide parents and school music teachers with resources to make student recitals, programs and concerts less of a burden for some.

Studies have found that music education increases math scores, analytical reasoning and creates immeasurable high self- esteem.

We planned a fundraiser to this end. We are seeking community partners in this effort. Campaign began April 2016

About us

Working  together with Community, Local PTOs and Music Teachers to bridge the gaps for success!

This campaign was created by mothers who just want to help our kids. Really that simple.

Tamitha Gipson, MBA and CEO of ICU Communications-Memphis and Executive Director of the Nellie’s Kids Dental Outreach Program and Tenikki Sesley, MPA, Executive Director of Appleseeds, Inc. Youth Empowerment Initiative. We chose to create this campaign because we are both mothers and in the business of helping children daily. Unfortunately, we get to see the hardships that families face intimately every day. Appleseeds, Inc provides assistance and therapeutic services to young mothers. In many cases,  young woman have children attempting to fill an internal void. Studies show that young people who are involved in music programs have higher self-esteem and the desire to seek outside validation is reduced. The Nellie’s Kids Dental Program works with families intimately and in their homes, assessing problems daily. Many parents are working hard to provide a safe and positive environment. However, many experience a level of discord and lack of engagement in positive activities by their teens. They site lack of opportunity and resources. So, we asked, what can I do? The #savemuisc4kids was born.

Studies show that students who are in music programs have a higher probability of  thriving and appear to be more emotionally adjusted. We see that music is an outlet to express emotions, thereby creating a happier child. Music is the voice of the soul.